Merry Christmas from Gowerton Community Council
Merry Christmas from Gowerton Community Council

                                             GOWERTON COMMUNITY COUNCIL


Minutes of the  Meeting of Council held on Wednesday 6th June 2018

PRESENT:  Cllrs Viv Davies, Linda Bolchover, Paul Emmerton, Ann Guard,

Beveley Jenkins, Sue Jones and Barbara Small.


ALSO PRESENT:  Clerk - Serena Thomas


27.       APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE Cllr(s) Claire Kups, Ros Holt and Gareth Evans




29.       MEETINGS WITH:

Ann Robinson (in conjunction with Social Services)

Mrs. Robinson introduced herself and described briefly her role in the Community.

The role is of a local area coordinator.  The role enables her to work with anyone in the area she covers (currently Gorseinon, Penllergaer and Gowerton).

Loneliness within the community is a massive social issue; also this can lead on to suffering with mental issues.  Ann hopes to get to these people and assist them before they reach their crisis point.  Their aim is to get these people connected to the community.  They will accompany people to groups and help them to get connected.  They have had some success and Ann gave some examples of how they have helped residents to start doing things for themselves and become more social.

Ann said she feels it is a real privilege to do this job, and her purpose of coming to the meeting today is to meet everyone.  Also she welcomes introductions to people who may need their services.  The residents must want the help though for them to be able to contact them.  They are to be used as a catalyst to bring people together.  They will assist in setting up groups but they do not run them.

Members thanked Ann for her introduction and will pass on anyone interested.


 South Wales Police

PCSO Williams and PC Rees


They both attended the meeting to discuss the PCSO position in the village as currently there is not an official one in Gowerton due to sickness.  They are hoping that PCSO Williams will be assigned to Gowerton in the future once her training is complete.  So far they have made good links with the schools.  They have also been dealing with some anti-social behaviour in the Elba Woodlands.


Members asked why Gowerton aren’t having PACT meetings, it was explained that the most local one currently is in Waunarlwydd however in about a month they are hoping to have further information.


Members thanked both Police officers for attending the meeting and introducing themselves to the meeting.





31.  COUNCIL MINUTES : 2nd May 2018

a)  The Minutes were accepted as a true record

b)  Matters Arising: The written report of the Clerk regarding matters arising and subsequent actions taken was noted. 



Cllr Jones gave the following report:


Cllr Jones attended the following; training on data protection, school scrutiny panel, corporate parenting board, wellbeing conference, coffee morning at Cae Deri (on Sterry Rd), a meeting with Pobl with regards to the Gorwydd application and went to Gowerton Comprehensive event ‘First Giving’ the year 9 final.

Sue also attended a cheque presentation of £1000 to Golau (Singleton Hospital) and there were very impressive presentations by all of the groups.

Cllr Jones spent one day interviewing all LSA’s at the Primary school.  There had to be the redundancy of one person because of reductions in the budget.   It was a very difficult situation as everyone gives so much to their jobs.


Issues that have been raised by Sue were:

1.  An assessment of the roundabout by the Co-op has been requested.

2.  The Gowerton cricket pavilion is 100 years old in 2022.  Cllr Jones encouraged all to think about what can be done to celebrate this fact.

3.  The bollards issue in the tunnel opposite the rugby club.


Other work that Sue has been involved in:

1.  There is a recycling pod in the Coop for Tassimo Coffee pods, hopefully to support Gowerton Primary school along with Waunarlwydd.

2.  There are some issues with regards to the unofficial right of way alongside the library to Heol Y Gog.  Sue has spoken to Dafydd Jenkins deputy head with regards to this issue.

3.  There has been a dangerous incident on the cycle track, which she has reported to the police and the schools in the area.  She has also spoken to the County Council Officer who deals with footpaths.

4.  A complaint was received from a Woodlands resident with regards to the Charity bike ride as no previous warning was received.  Cllr Jones has spoken to the events manager who was not aware of this event taking place, however Sue was also informed there is no legal requirement for organisers to actually inform the City and County of Swansea!

5.  Many individual complaints were also received including: Japanese knotweed, planning enforcement issues and parking issues. 

6. Cllr Jones said it was good to see the ‘patch team’ have visited the village.  To report a pothole ring: 01792 841625

7.  Finally Cllr Jones mentioned the local history boards are imminently being established in the village and looks forward to the opening event.





Report from Cllr Davies:


Attended the Arriva conference on 16th May along with Cllrs Ros Holt and Ann Guard.

Also to update members there is a cycle track underway on the opposite side to the station in Gowerton.



(a)           Miscellaneous

  RESOLVED that:

The written report submitted by the Clerk was noted.    RESOLVED that:

1.  Community and Town Council future dates:  Monday 6th July: 5-6pm and Monday January 18th: 5-6pm both meetings at the Council Chamber in the Guildhall. Noted

2.  Newsletter articles need to be with clerk by end of June.  Noted

3.  consideration of 2017/18 annual accounts. Council formally resolved to adopt these accounts and approve Statement of Assurance as outlined by audit documents.

4.  Tickets available for Friday 15th June Voices in Harmony concert.  For info


34(b)  Financial Matters


1.     For Payment

The following items are for authorization/ratification:




£ Amount












Telephone Adv. Charges





Bay Landscapes

Monthly Cutting Charge





Sage One

Online payroll system





Website hosting     4 per year x £35.96






Office Allowance (4 per year)






Monthly ink Plan






 The items of correspondence were noted.   



1.  Cllr Bolchover advised dates needed to be fixed for the events for this year for Arts and Crafts and Christmas.   It was decided by members that the date of the Arts and Crafts exhibition would be 18th-20th October, and the Christmas grotto would be on Saturday 15th December.

2.  The traffic island by the doctors.  Traffic is coming through much faster and closer to pedestrians that prior to the changes.  Cllr Jones advised that there is video surveillance taking place of the area.  For info.

3.  There is new ‘cyclists dismount’ signs put up by the traffic lights by the Commercial pub.  For info.

4.  The church sign at the entrance is still in need of replacing.

5.  The rear garden of a property on Mill street is overgrown to a large extent with matresses in garden etc and is an eyesore to the area.  Request to be made to Environmental health to get this rectified.

6.  It was reported to a council member by a resident that it is suggested that the Rechabite Hall would benefit from a deep clean.  Cllr Bolchover advised that this is an ongoing issue and explained the work it takes so run a hall and all on a voluntary basis.  Members thought of the possibility of the benefits of a telescopic professional dust cleaner to reach the high ceilings as a suggestion.  Noted.

7.  The pavement (left hand) by the co-op to Church Street needs some repairs and maintenance.  It seems very dangerous.

8.  Resident reported to member that the lane from Park Rd to Cecil Rd (by the side of the school) needs to be cleared as when it is raining it is terrible to walk on as it is uneven and is covered in puddles.

9.  It was reported that a female dressed all in black has been climbing lampposts and attaching apparatus to them with cable ties.  For info.

10.  The road name sign for Glanmorfa (on right hand sid) has fallen down.

11.  By the doctors surgery on right (by the new bit) there is a manhole cover loose and making noise.  There is also a manhole cover dropping in bus stop outside Aunty Ivy’s.

12.  For information Cllr Davies is making ongoing enquiries as to costs for a new noticeboard in the village.



Following was resolved by Council:

2018/0945 - 110A Gorwydd Road, Gowerton, Swansea, SA4 3AW

Proposal: Replacement front boundary wall with stone wall with railings above, new front entrance gate, and provision of 1.8m/2m high fencing to side boundaries facing 110 & 112 Gorwydd Road.

No Objection








Meeting closed at 9pm                                                                                                   






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